Cannabis or Alcohol, Which is More Dangerous?

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) or also called marijuana is a cultivated plant that is often abused. Leaf marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol compounds or often abbreviated as THC which has psychoactive effects or can affect the brain nerves and psychiatric conditions. Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors can help you to form the risk of cannabis dependency.

The most characteristic effect when smoking cannabis leaves is euphoria or joy until laughing without cause, then followed by hallucinations or seeing things that are not real.
Because the effect directly triggers behavior change, marijuana is always seen as something very dangerous.
A study conducted by a group of German and Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida at least notes there are 10 more deadly substances than marijuana, including some legal substances, such as alcohol and nicotine, contained in a cigarette.

According to research, more danger of marijuana or alcohol?

The dangers of marijuana or alcohol are still debatable today. In a study published in the journal Scientific Report that consuming alcohol in excess amounts 100 times more dangerous than using cannabis.
According to this study, the risk of marijuana is still much lower than alcohol. While other substances, methamphetamine, methadone (narcotics often used in medical treatment other than heroin), amphetamines (stimulants for narcolepsy drugs and hyperactivity), and diazepam, are less risky. Therefore, the MOE ratio of these drugs is between 10 to 100. Read also Medical Cannabis
Even so, the ratio of MOE is still debated among scientists.

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