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A major objection to alternative medicine is that it is done in place of conventional medical treatments. There are times when western medicine is appropriate and needed and times when both allopathic and holistic can work well in tandem, but for the most part I lean towards the alternative healing methods because they are just.better. Friendly and colorful images of herbal treatments may look less threatening or dangerous when compared to conventional medicine.

Although the results from human studies have been inconclusive, researchers recommend adequate intake of selenium-rich foods for preventing the risk of diseases such as cancer and heart problems. Mainstream medicine uses the placebo effect all the time,” says Ted Kaptchuk, a Harvard researcher who studies the impact of placebos.holistic medicine

In allopathic medicine a doctor will focus on the condition only however holistic medicine will focus on the person, how that person reacts to that condition as well as their history. Even her means of diagnosis is non-invasive – she uses technology based on traditional Chinese medicine and developed by the Russians for their Space Program.

Holistic medicine encourages patient participation in the doctor-patient relationship and patient empowerment. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and his colleagues tested DCA on human cells cultured outside the body and found that it killed lung, breast and brain cancer cells, but not healthy cells.holistic medicineholistic medicine

I have come to believe that holistic and integrative medicine that includes complementary and alternative medicine is a better answer. Integrative medicine is a newer term that emphasizes the integration of CAM approaches with conventional medicine, and is the term that is preferred by educational and governmental institutions.

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