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Integrative Medicine combines conventional western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies As we encourage the body’s innate tendency for healing, we endeavor to expand the conventional definition of healing to include mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Thus, holistic medicine facilitates this healing by helping to provide the right environment. Let’s examine one of the big differences between holistic health and Western medicine: holism versus reductionism. As a mind-body psychotherapist, a client may come in wanting help in coping with the emotional aftermath of a cancer diagnosis.

Likewise, in cases like this also a laboratory evaluation will follow to rule out the potential of cancer. To find a holistic practitioner in your area, visit the American Holistic Medical Association web site. Discover the dimensions of Holistic Healthcare in our new and thought-provoking resource.holistic medicine

Problems falling through the cracks” between mind, body and spirit is a common failure of Western medicine. This practice has replaced the traditional medicine with a broad category of treatment system with different cost and possibilities of treatments. For those of you without letters after your name, get info online and lobby any doctor you can afford, to learn the tools of functional medicine.holistic medicine

I am a functional medicine provider who spent 20 years working in community health centers and before that, grew up in Canada where health care is free at the point of use. Philadelphia Integrative Medicine combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine to inspire you and give you the tools to care for yourself and be well.holistic medicine

This has been seen as a major win for Holistic Medicine providers around the world. Remember, holistic medicine takes a team approach, involving you and the provider, so make sure you feel comfortable and respected and that he or she is someone with whom you would like to work.

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