Current Health Articles On Cancer Of The Young

Current health articles mention that no matter how much advancement the medical studies may get on certain conditions of the body, diseases like cancer will always worry us. If you are a young person that has been diagnosed with cancer, you will be in a state of shock and this is very understandable. The changes to Medicaid are even more dramatic, with more than $800 billion dollars in federal money for the program cut over the next decade — this will have a huge impact on the 70 million lower-income children, adults, disabled individuals, and elderly who currently rely on Medicaid for their health care.

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Blowback since then has been swift While there is no clear consensus on the number of lives risked or saved by changes to health care policy, Medicaid expansions and improved access to insurance have been linked to lower mortality rates in numerous articles

The consequences of losing an overall work-life balance can result in conditions such as obesity , heart disease, and certain cancers due to factors such as increased use of packaged and convenience foods (ie fast food), decrease in the amount of time spent doing physical activity, and the lack of sleep from anxiety.

Public Health is preparing a special issue on ‘migration and health’, which aims to bring together a collection of papers across the sciences, arts and humanities on those aspects of migration that matter most to health, healthcare delivery and related public articles

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