Health Insurance Is Not A Product

In this article we will explore the reasons that motivate employers to get group health insurance for employees and we will look at the advantages and disadvantages from both points of view. The annual (basic) sum insured is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay you, according to the insurance contract, in the event of a claim. Your customer service representative was very good in explaining the benefits of health booster policy and also, helped me to buy policy.

UniMed helps companies to make medical insurance more affordable to staff, and reduces the financial stress of unexpected health issues for individuals or members of a group. Imagine an individual who has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease and the patient has a health insurance plan of Rs 5 insurance

Most people in India are entitled to purchase health insurance online except those who health insurance companies consider with too high risk. It is a time effective source that saves a lot of time making health insurance coverage just a matter of few insurance

Other conditions like nursing or consultation for a disease, surgery, a diagnostic test, accommodation at the hospital, regular health check-up etc. Most Veterans qualify for cost-free health care services, although some Veterans must pay modest copays for health care or insurance

ICICI Lombard is popular for its package of comprehensive health insurance policies that offer protection even in overseas countries. This new flexibility will allow states to design insurance frameworks that are right for their unique populations, providing superior care and lowering costs for patients.

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