This draft strategy outlines a framework for how we can work together to reduce suicide in New Zealand. So basically, their argument goes that no one should care that you couldn’t afford to insure all those bones you broke in a nasty car accident (caused, no doubt, by your poor vision that could not be corrected since you lack insurance to get glasses), but if you didn’t insure your piece of crap 1994 Ford Taurus that not only will never get you laid but now needs thousands of dollars of repairs, you’re in a veritable legal shitstorm.

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The most important supplement in my regimen is vitamin D3. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, and the health benefits are so overwhelming that if there’s one supplement I would recommend spending money on, it’s vitamin D3. I usually take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily , and at last check, my levels were at 45 ng/mL, which is in the optimal range.

Part of the reason why the Korean did not follow the debate was because the entire thing was so moronic: to the Korean, it is obvious that a country should guarantee its citizens a health insurance, and the cheapest way to achieve that is a single-payer system like Korea’s.healthhealth

Yet, I am also a physician struggling within the confines of our current health care system and, by virtue of my residency program, I have had the opportunity to see how different health care management systems in three different hospitals (public-county, private, VA) can fuck everything up. On the flip side, I suspect that I have a lot to lose financially if health care reform passes, and will have to forgo my dreams of paying off my medical school loans before I turn 65.

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