Homeopathy has started to become a very popular method for treatment of animals. The author could show more balance by including the fact that while using homeopathy exclusively and ignoring traditional medicine can be dangerous, there are countless people (like myself) that use homeopathy for situations where traditional medicine does not offer good treatments.homeopathic medicine

So, when we consume a homeopathic remedy, we are getting tiny little sugar pills with nothing else in them, just the memory” of a substance long diluted out of it. Not really explained is how the water knows to take on the memory of the homeopathic substance, and not the memory of a dust mote, or any other number of molecules, viruses, bacteria, skin cells, etc.homeopathic medicinehomeopathic medicine

While she agrees that the data from this report helps meet the interest of the FDA and FTC for information on the use of homeopathy, Dossett adds that additional, more detailed information on homeopathy users and studies of homeopathic products would provide additional helpful information.

So we know that four sugar pills a day will clear up ulcers quicker than two sugar pills, we know that a saltwater injection is a more effective treatment for pain than a sugar pill, we know that green sugar pills are more effective for anxiety than red, and we know that brand packaging on painkillers increases pain relief.

You really feel bad for, I would say, a couple of hours because your body has to recognize that there is something going on and it needs to react,” she said, adding GUNA-Flu differs since it also takes care of the symptoms, allowing the user to skip the so-called” homeopathic rebound.

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