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Embroidery and Monogramming We are all familiar with the art of embroidery. Generally, skilled people in this art use their hands to stitch decorations on fabrics using needles and threads. Embroidering was started off a long time ago and it may not be a wonder to find that not many people have the skills to do embroidery. However, since it may not seem like a big thing to some people, for example, engineers that work in industries who design high-end goods may tend to look down on people who have this skill. That should however not discourage someone as they should remind these people that the reason they wear these high-end clothing with custom embroidered designs on them is because of their work. Majority of us depend on the art of embroidery. For instance, businesses like automobiles depend on the technique to perfect their products, such as putting their logos on car seats. We can note that the art of embroidery has existed since time in memorial. Experts have done their research and said that it embroidery started back in the 3rd Century BC. The remains of the old embroideries have now been acquired by the wealthy people as a show of class. Embroidery nowadays is being done on clothing such as denims, dress shirts, coats and blazers, hats, caps and the likes. It is also an art that has is used by schools where they stitch their logo to school uniforms such as sweaters and blazers. The major advantage of embracing embroidery is that once it has been stitched on a cloth, it can remain intact for a long time with no damages. Between ink and embroidering, ink is less superior as it may stain clothes and eventually fade, unlike in embroidery where the design has no cons.
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There are older techniques which embroiders have embraced which include chain stitch, buttonholes, blanket stitch, satin stitch and running stitch. These techniques have been adopted and remained vital in the field of embroidery. There has been a massive advancement in embroidery to the point that it has become automated. Machines have been built that can help in mass production of embroideries. If there are expectations of high outputs, costs of production usually go low thereby people enjoying economies of scale.
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There is a difference between embroidery and monogramming Both differ in as much as they may seem closely related. Techniques used in monograms are interlaces of single or double letters especially when writing initials of a person or a brand. In conclusion, it is good to note that both monogramming and embroidery have become useful techniques in product customization. If someone is gifted a product with customized embroidery, they can feel connected to the product unlike other normal products.