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The American Holistic Health Association has compiled a collection of self-help articles to support your efforts to enhance your own health and well-being. The holistic medicine aims to treat a patient that considers all the aspects that make up a person. Conventional medicine is a term that describes health care carried out by licensed medical doctors and by allied health professionals, such as physical therapists, registered nurses, and psychologists.holistic medicineholistic medicineholistic medicine

Here at KU Integrative Medicine, we have a focus on biomedical integrative therapies, including our groundbreaking research on intravenous (IV) vitamin C as a complementary therapy for cancer patients. Naturopathic Wellness Consultation : Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct system of holistic health care that addresses the whole person and the root causes of disease.

Holistic medicine is based on the core belief that unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer. E are really excited to announce that our project to make an online searchable archive of articles from our Journal of Holistic Healthcare is now underway.

Functionalist assumption was that the constituent parts of every society, from individuals to the largest political and social institutions, must be seen as interrelated and from a holistic point of view. In looking for other options, people are turning back to the holistic approach to health and healing.

Massage Therapy Schools: Massage therapy schools are widespread, partly due to the career’s growing popularity in mainstream medicine. Holistic healing bypasses the ‘band-aid fix’ approach of conventional medicine, looks beyond a person’s physical state and sees the holistic view of their state of being or functioning.

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