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The New York State Department of Health has sent out a letter to medical professionals in the state, urging them to discourage patients from quitting smoking using e-cigarettes, even if they indicate unwillingness or lack of interest in nicotine replacement therapy or other smoking cessation drugs. We can state unequivocally that the scene in most state mental health departments and facilities is abominable. Any time legislatures attack health care or public health people get sick and even die as a result. The inevitable result of low screening is a high number of new cases of colorectal cancer (3rd in the U.S.) and the 4th highest mortality rate among states.

You don’t want to be caught red handed, so better adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations of your local health department. They might turn to local public health for family planning as they did before the ACA. Individuals should register their request with Ann Absher, Health Director, prior to the meeting by calling (336) departmenthealth department

As a result, the Steering Committee established a Health Equity Working Group to develop standards and set the agenda for incorporating measures of socioeconomic status into routine EIP surveillance ( 9 ). Florida Health celebrated Children’s Week by participating in Storybook Village, a series of interactive storytelling booths.

If a ferrel cat bites you, you should contact your doctor or health department right away to see if you are a candidate for rabies immunization. The new HRSA FQHC funding will allow Wilkes Community Health Center to expand the services the health department offers, and become an integral and integrated player in the health care delivery department

This is a tragic public health situation that has not received the recognition it deserves by the federal government for far too long. In their new homes they often did not get the best jobs, were the first fired when globalization devoured industrial jobs starting in the 1980s, and were never able to buy good homes.

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