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Does Marriage Counseling Work? The effectiveness of marriage counseling has often been questioned. This question cannot be completely answered in with one answer. Marriage counseling has been useful to some people by helping them solve underlying issues in their marriage. Others have however condemned marriage counseling arguing that it made their marriage take a turn for the worse. It is safe to say that marriage counseling might not work out for everyone and therefore there has to be some things to be considered before going for marriage counseling. It is necessary for both the wife and husband to accept and be ready to go through the process of marriage counseling for it to work. Most circumstances have one party ready to go on with the marriage counseling while the other party is adamant and not interested in the process. Marriage issues can rarely be solved under such kinds of circumstances. It is a known fact all over the world that it takes two to make a marriage work. The condition of the marriage at the moment can also be a determinant when it comes to finding out whether marriage counseling will make it better. Are the issues minor and can the marriage still be saved? Do both the husband and the wife still love and respect one another even though they have issues in their marriage? Is there a possibility that maybe the husband or the wife is no longer interested in saving the marriage? Most troubled marriages more often than not show signs that they are doomed to fail even with the intervention of marriage counseling such as not being in love, having a need to revenge, and not wanting to spend time to fix issues in the marriage.
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Those willing to follow the advice of the marriage counselors and that go into marriage counselling with a positive mindset looking to look past their weaknesses and solve their marriage problems are most of the time successful. There are also those couples that realize that their marriage is failing and do not wait for it to get worse but instead seek help as fast as possible. Love and respect for one another may also help the marriage counseling be a success. Certain studies that have recently been conducted have also shown that some situations of marriage counseling often work better than others.
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Couples that are still young and have been married for a short time are more likely to solve their issues in marriage through marriage counseling as opposed to couples that are older according to studies. Older couples find it very difficult to change bad habits in their marriage as opposed to younger couples.