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Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. In our online health related articles in the VitaJournal, you will find part one and part two of an article by Brazos Minshew, the TriVita Chief Science Officer. This time around, instead of Republicans lamenting the passage of Obamacare, Democrats are lamenting the House passage of its replacement, the American Health Care articles

The AHCA repeals hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes on high-income households and insurance companies, while reducing the Obamacare tax credits that helped lower and middle income families purchase health insurance. This is a vicious cycle, since the increase in avoidance and passive behaviour lead to more depressive symptoms or greater diabetes-related stress.

Current health articles also advice to avoid smoking where there are pregnant women, since this is also a dangerous way of getting your future children at risk of contaminates. This month AJPH showcases articles on public health surveillance for communicable diseases, mild cognitive impairment, infant sleep safety, and the Zika virus outbreak in articleshealth articles

Citations and abstracts for articles related to behavioral science and mental health. A time table that teaches a child to go to sleep at certain time and wake up will be very helpful in giving your child a very healthy lifestyle. American Journal of Public Health; February 2007 ; 97(2): 224-8; Erratum in: American Journal of Public Health; March 2007; 97(3): 393.

Whether you choose a short term Travel Medical Insurance plan or a long term Global Health plan understand the plan coverage, benefits and exclusions. Perfect health is a dream of millions but a reality of few.While perfect health seems to be an unachievable task for many of us, the health care industry has turned the idea into a billion dollar sector, targeting this very dream for people.

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