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Pakistan, as we all know is a developing country and we are currently going through lots of challenges and issues. From Semester 1, 2016 we will offer a Masters in Ecological Public Health This course prepares graduates to work in a wide variety of fields by drawing on a broad range of courses across public health, environmental health, land use and urban planning, sociology, community development, health promotion and international development.

The final years of preparation for the launch of JKN focused on designing how to consolidate the multiple programs under one national administrative, management, and service system while at the same time identifying and moving to ”fill gaps” in coverage (improving equity) and raising the quality of services.public healthpublic health

Improved surveillance and detection coupled with expedient delivery of that information through a robust laboratory informatics network would lead to a reduction in the instances of disease and reductions in the number of individuals seeking health care because of disease.

The more people that can’t pay for treatment; the higher the cost of health insurance becomes for those paying for it. As the cost goes up more people can’t afford it and have to get it for free, this causes the price for the payers to go up even more.

Given the global dimension of this problem, it is necessary that Member States and the Commission are actively sharing the aims of this resolution by international organizations, in particular by the World Health Organization (WHO ), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Office International des Epizooties (OIE).public health

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