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Pueblo County’s home for the latest food safety news and community happenings, brought to you by the Food Safety Program at the Pueblo City-County Health Department (Colorado). Sodium – We all know that too much sodium can negatively impact our health (if you didn’t know; now you do!). Based on a rigorous re-evaluation of the situation on the ground, we will continue to move aggressively on the cleanup efforts and protect the health of the people,” said Jackson.

And during your application, the health authorities might also ask about the specifications of your cart like the manufacturer, built and make, schematic and special features, if any. The fight and successes against HIV and AIDS by the Department of Health and its partners are captured in a document titled:’Turnaround:The story of South Africa’s HIV response’.

On Thursday December 15th Wilkes County Health Department along with the co-applicant Wilkes Community Health Center, …