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UST Global has oriented its services around the following major platforms to offer our services in a Business Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) model while continuing to support enterprise-class customers with more traditional IT and BPO services. Ineffective care puts our population through unnecessary treatments, leaves us in poorer health, and shortens our life expectancy. Doctors generally do not get involved until a patient’s health has been seriously compromised or tests indicate an impending health risk.health care

Insurance experts estimate that over 48 million Americans are living without health insurance. The Trump administration has repeatedly undercut the Affordable Care Act, even at the federal department responsible for overseeing the law. He continues to chime in periodically regarding new developments in the health care saga.

Companies in the health insurance industry will have to compete against the other plans. Self-employed individuals must maintain a self-employed health insurance plan to protect their business. Some patients with …