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Because it is found in many foods high in saturated fats & cholesterol, people often unknowingly avoid vitamin A as well. The supplements will differ by the kinds of calcium that they contain, the amount that they contain, and any thing else that is added to them (other minerals or vitamins). Vitamins and minerals also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. Good sources: produced in the skin after exposure to UV (ultraviolet) B light from the sun or artificial sources.

Vitamin A supplements may interact with some birth control pills, blood thinners (like Coumadin), acne medicines (like Accutane), cancer treatments, and many other drugs. In the body, vitamin C also acts as a collagen-forming compound which is an important protein constituent of skin tissue, joints, bones, and tissues other backers.

If you’re a woman of childbearing age who may become pregnant or is in the first trimester of …