The Amber Amber Necklace phenomenon that is popular in Indonesia

Apart from being a rich country, Indonesia is also known as a country rich in precious stones. Jade and bacon are some of them. However, most of these stones are often used as average jewelry which is only pleasing to the eye or rare and does not have significant health benefits for its users.

Unlike amber. This type of stone beside having a luxurious and unique appearance like the stone above also has the potential for extraordinary effectiveness. In fact, the trend of using amber is still more popular in Indonesia than the agate trend which doesn’t sound echo anymore.

Get to know amber

Actually amber does not belong to a mineral class. This stone comes from a prehistoric tree with the Latin name pine suksinifera. These towering trees are found in the wilds of mainland Europe and in the interior of Kalimantan.

In this stone, ancient vertebrate insects are often found that have been trapped and petrified for a very long time, such as flies, ants, scorpions, spiders, and more. The type and age of the animal in it will even determine the selling value of this stone on the market. Researchers say that the majority of the original amber on the market are now tens of millions of years old.

This stone is the result of sediment from the sap that falls with droplets until it slowly solidifies and forms stones. Because it is immersed in other minerals or minerals, people often mistakenly assume this stone is a mineral rock.

Become a healing medium and jewelry

This stone has been used as jewelry and medicinal ingredients from hundreds to thousands of years ago. As in ancient China and Greece, where the stone is burned to extract oil and used as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce fever, to aromatherapy and fragrances.

Another use of amber is jewelry ornaments or buildings. Amber has even been used since Neolithic times and the bronze age. The nobles or high officials often use this stone as a decoration for their deceased family’s grave. Other objects such as cups, beads, curly tongs are often decorated with these beautiful stones.

A myriad of amber properties

This stone has a myriad of properties that are very useful for its users. Like pain in babies who are teething again, you can use theĀ Teething necklace to pull out the aura of charm and charisma for men and women, it provides a relaxation sensation, neutralizes negative moods, reduces nervous and minds tension, increases immunity, and many other benefits.

To feel a variety of potential benefits, this amber must be attached directly to the user’s skin. So that the special substances contained in this stone can be absorbed directly into the skin. Therefore, many people use this stone in the form of jewelry, especially necklaces.

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