The Difference Between Functional And Integrative Medicine

There are many people who don’t like using drugs for treating their problems. The mission of the Program on Integrative Medicine (PIM) is to enhance the public’s health and to improve effectiveness and safety of health care through the appropriate integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with mainstream health-care.

From physicians and nurses trained at the country’s most prestigious medical centers to our full spectrum of licensed and certified practitioners in allopathic and alternative medicine, the center’s specialists are at the forefront of integrative medicine.

Copyright 2016 – All Rights Reserved – Philadelphia Integrative Medicine – Georgia Tetlow, MD and Lauren Houser, CRNP specialize in all aspects of integrative medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine, mindfulness, holistic medicine, herbal and naturopathic medicine, stress reduction, pain management and cancer recovery.holistic medicine

Manual medicine can help to change the resting tension in a muscle or tendon, change or reset” a trigger point, alter the tension or torque within a ligament or fascial plane, change the alignment or asymmetry of bones or joints, help to alter structures that are impinging on nerves, release suppressed emotion that may be held in the myofascial tissues, open up blocked energetic channels, and improve lymphatic flow, visceral function, cerebral spinal fluid flow and immune function.

We provide leading edge clinical expertise using a combination of conventional and evidence-based alternative and holistic medicine, to recommend the lifestyle changes, cutting edge diagnostic testing, mind-body practices, supplements and medicines to meet your personal health goals.holistic medicineholistic medicine

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