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Why Drug Testing Is an Essential Part of Employment Background Screening. The human capital plays a critical role in business operation. With human resources, there is no business. Even with extensive physical capital outlay, the business requires high level of human capital. Firms are fully aware of this and want to capitalize by recruiting only the best labor force. This is why firms have considered employment background screening as an integral part of human resource recruitment. With background screening, a company can weed out undesirable characters by hiring the only employee who has exhibited high levels of integrity and morals. Drug testing has been incorporated in the employment background testing for good reasons. You will learn good reason why it is prudent for you to request your potential employees to undergo a voluntary drug testing. Drugged individuals exhibit some traits that are not good for production. They are irritable and therefore not suitable to serve as customer support. There are times when customers won’t come to buy but to complain about your service or products. An irritable attendant will easily become angry and turn rude to a customer. This will result in loss of goodwill in the customer and bad public image which are not good for any business.Any company would wish customer complaints to be handled professionally and soberly. People who are using drugs are more violent than those without. This can lead to disputes between them and their supervisors. The life of juniors in the company would be hell if they are seniors. At times, a talented and junior employee may choose to resign rather than work under stressful conditions. At the end, your business will have lost skills that would have been so critical in lifting it to another level. Such individual can even be violent with their tools. They can injure others while using them. The least they can do is to damage these tools through mishandling.
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Drug controlled employees tend to live far from real world. They can do things beyond what they were supped to do or even do what they were not supposed to do. Drugs interfere with judgment and they may not, therefore, be suitable employee in decision making position. Other times are when they are absent minded and easily forget their current engagement. Think of how it is if an employee who is selling to a customer suddenly withdraws and moves out with closing the transaction. You will have lost business as well as frustrate your customer. The productivity of employees who are under substance control is usually below optimal levels.
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Clear star is an employment background screening company that tests and reports independent and reliable information about a candidate drug status. You can reach them for one on one discussion of your needs.