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Here Are the Reasons Why You Are Having Problems With Your Gut

Are you having pain with your gut? The gut also known as the gastrointestinal tract this is incharge in processing the food that we eat.

Below are the causes of bowel problems:

A. When you have anxiety and stress

One of the main cause of problems in the gut is stress. There are parts in our body that shut down when we are stressed. One example is our digestion. When we are stressed our gut will no longer function and this causes diarrhea and constipation. Try to avoid being stressed. It is important that you get enough sleep on a daily basis.

B. When you lack exercise

Your digestive system will not properly function if you do not exercise on a regular basis. You need to exercise on a regular basis so the food that you eat will move through the gut and it can also increase the antibodies that improves our immunity from bacteria. When you are immune from different bacteria or viruses then you can avoid having an upset stomach. When you have a healthy weight then you will have a good digestive system.

C. When you have food intolerance

Food intolerance can cause problems in the gut. The most common food allergies are celiac and lactose intolerance. Celiac is allergy to wheat and lactose intolerance is allergy to milk. When you have food intolerance then there is a chance that you will experience constipation, stomach cramps or diarrhea. If you do not know the kind of food that causes these kinds of problems then you should make a list of the food that you eat on a daily basis. Once you have determined the cause of this problem then you should avoid eating it.

D. When you have IBS

Medical experts are still not aware with the causes of IBS. The brain has problems in communicating with the digestive system and this is can lead to IBS. IBS is can be irritating. High fatty foods, alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine can trigger IBS. Nowadays, your bowel can actually be restored, just by taking proper medication. You should eat probiotic foods.

E. When you have a bad diet

Nowadays, there are different types of drinks and food that can make your gut and stomach unhealthy. Processed foods are the main causes of these problems. Eating too much sugar has a bad effect on your digestive system. Bad bacteria eat sugar and if their are bad bacteria on your intestines it will be inflamed and you will have a leaky gut. Softdrinks are also bad for your gut since they have a high sugar content. All of these foods are not healthy and this is why you should have a healthy diet. Try to avoid drinking sodas and you should be drink fresh fruit juices. You should drink plenty of water everyday.