Your Money Or Your Life

We all want a good health care system that’s affordable and as long as I can remember our government has been trying to come up with a solution with not much luck. Ø ASOHealth Care secara periodik/insidentil melakukan audit medis, guna memantau kualitas pelayanan yang diperoleh peserta. Other culprits are huge copays, large deductibles and treatments that aren’t covered under the tiny print in your insurance contract. Health system factors include language and cultural barriers, the tendency for racial minorities to have lower-end health plans, and the lack of community resources, such as adequately stocked pharmacies in minority neighborhoods.

The core business principle for that someone (ie-the health care insurance company) is to have more healthy people than sick so that you have enough money to pay for the sick people, and enough left over for you to live on. This doesn’t seem so bad. That said, smaller health insurance vendors currently specializing in Medicaid managed care could step into this niche and offer a commercial product through their existing underpaid networks.

One that the privatized U.S. health care system is often compared to is the National Health Service that was instituted by the United Kingdom. The elimination of disparities will help to ensure that all patients receive evidence-based care for their carehealth care

The administrator has to worry about other aspects of the practice, such as inventory, salaries, and insurance companies. The explanation for the racial and ethnic disparities is that minorities tend to be poor and less educated, with less access to care and they tend to live in places where doctors and hospitals provide lower quality care than elsewhere.

If anyone wants to pay for health care themselves, they may choose a self-pay option, and any amount you choose would be deposited pre-tax into an interest bearing health savings account. For example, by negotiating drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies negotiating standard fees with the medical profession, or reducing unnecessary health care care

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